Poppets Pre-School

Register for Pre School 

How to register your child for a place at Poppets. 

Please download and complete the registration form, child profile and parental agreement documents.

Either email the completed forms to us or drop them in to group if you prefer.

Working Together to Safeguard Children.

Children's safety and well being is our top priority at Poppets.
Please ask to see our Safeguarding Policy.
As practitioners working with young children and their families we 
adhere to our duty of care to protect vulnerable groups.
(Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006) following the advice and guidance of The Safeguarding Children Board.   
 All action is taken in line with the following guidance:
·      BCP Inter-Agency Safeguarding Procedures & Guidance (‘Yellow File’)
·       DSCF Guidance (2006) – Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education
·     Working Together to Safeguard Children 2006 – Guidance published by HM Government
·      What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused – Government Guidance – DfES 31553

Prevent Duty Guidance for England and Wales

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To download a document please click on text that you wish to download NOT on the W logo, thank you. 

Poppets child profile (7).docx Poppets child profile (7).docx
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Data-Retention-Chart- (2).pdf Data-Retention-Chart- (2).pdf
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Privacy document April 2018.docx Privacy document April 2018.docx
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BCP Parent Declaration Form 2019 (1).pdf BCP Parent Declaration Form 2019 (1).pdf
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registration doc May 2022 updated.docx registration doc May 2022 updated.docx
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Parent agreement updated Feb 2024.doc Parent agreement updated Feb 2024.doc
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Action Plan and risk assessments.docx Action Plan and risk assessments.docx
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h and s policy aug 22.docx h and s policy aug 22.docx
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Supporting learning at home

Information for parents and carers

Why not have a look at our learning at home ideas to support our topic work or perhaps the fun ideas to develop number skills.

Has your child chosen a "Take home challenge" recently? There are lots to choose from for all stages of development and interests.

The content of the Education pdf.zip is

  • Alphabet sheet for parents
  • Dual language sheet for parents
  • Shopping parents sheet
  • transport sheet for parents
  • transport tally
Are you intrigued at how children develop the skills for writing??
why not look at www.real-online.group.shef.ac.uk
there are lots of ideas to help your child with literacy.

Promoting British Values at Poppets.
  • we actively listen to children and act on their views and ideas
  • we ask children to listen to others and show respect for one another
  • we provide activities which involve turn taking, sharing and collaboration
  • we ask open questions and encourage children to question in return
our aim is that children will  know that their views are important to us, they will be listened to and their thoughts and ideas will be acted upon.

Rule of law:
  • we work with children to help them understand  the benefit of following  Poppets golden rules
  • we look at behaviour and possible consequences, their own and that of others
  • we look at what is right and wrong and why this is so
our aim is that children understand that rules apply to everyone and we should help everyone understand what the Poppets rules are

Individual liberty:
  • we provide children with opportunities to develop self esteem and increase their confidence in their own abilities
  • opportunities are made for supported risk taking
  • children are encouraged to reflect and gain understanding of what they have learnt
  • we promote language of feelings and empathy for others
  • children are given areas of responsibility and opportunities to help others
our aim is that children will understand that everyone is free to have different ideas and that all these will be listened to.

 Mutual respect and tolerance:
  • we encourage children to share their news and family events 
  • we encourage children to take turns and share explaining why this is important
  • we use the word respect in our setting explaining what this means
  • we  share stories depicting different cultures and challenge gender stereotyping
  • we look at traditions from different cultures and countries comparing them to our own and celebrating difference
  • we promote inclusivity in all play and activities
  our aim is that children learn to respect, tolerate and value difference.

To download a document please click on text that you wish to download NOT on the logo, thank you.

Growth learning at home.jpg Growth learning at home.jpg
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Maths.doc Maths.doc
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Fun with numbers.zip Fun with numbers.zip
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Education pdf.zip Education pdf.zip
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ICPS.zip ICPS.zip
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PFS04-Outdoor-play.pdf PFS04-Outdoor-play.pdf
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PFS03-mark-making.pdf PFS03-mark-making.pdf
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PFS01-Sharing-books.pdf PFS01-Sharing-books.pdf
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