Poppets Pre-School

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 a publication with guidance to your child’s learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Curriculum and Learning

 We strive to build positive relationships with your child, recognising that they are unique with an individual personality and learning style.

Our curriculum is child led with learning targets in line with "Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage” and Early years outcomes.

Each child’s progress is monitored and recorded regularly. You will be offered the option of an online learning journal.

Our qualified and caring staff offer a range of “learning through play” activities, giving your child the opportunity to explore, question and experiment in order to extend their knowledge and gain understanding through fun practical experiences.

We value your input to help us offer your child activities in line with  current interests and meet individual needs.

The key areas of learning are divided into two areas:

 Prime Areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
  • Physical Development.
  • Communication and Language.

Specific Areas;

  • Literacy.
  • Mathematics.
  • Understanding the World.
  • Expressive Arts and Design. 

 The Characteristics of Effective Learning are:

Playing and exploring- engagement

Finding out and exploring

Playing with what they know

Be willing to "have a go"


Active learning - motivation

Being involved and concentrating

Keeping trying

Enjoying achieving what they set out to do


Creating and thinking critically - thinking

Having their own ideas

Making links

Choosing ways to do things

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