WOW what fun we have had with this story!

Your children may have shared with you that we had an alternative ending to the story..?

In our version; the wolf landed in "freezy cold water" when he climbed down the chimney of the brick house. He said "sorry" to the little pigs and they were all friends because he promised never to huff and puff their houses again.

The story led to discussions on difference; valuing and respecting each other, showing kindness and forgiveness.

We have seen some great designers and architects emerging at the little pig's builders yard. The children have been developing their skills in planning, creating and reviewing their work becoming very involved in constructing with bricks, construction sets, sticks, straw and recycled materials. 

In our maths work we have been recording mathematically by tally chart and practicing reading and writing numerals which we decided are very useful !

We have enjoyed counting steps as we played What's the time Mr. Wolf in the garden.Our parachute becoming a safe brick house for all the Poppets children. 

Some of our children are now ready to explore writing for a purpose. We are enjoying seeing them record information using emergent script to explain their pictures, as well as practice their name so we know whose picture is whose at Mummy time.

 Your children are demonstrating that they have good recall of favourite stories, they have been able to remember the sequence of  events correctly portraying the story in their art work as well as role play and answering what next questions. We even had a piggy song!

Sadly it is time for our topic to end, we finished by making piggy crackers faces for snack time and taking our spare sticks back to the garden to build shelters for the mini beasts.

We do hope your child enjoyed this topic, if they missed some of the activities we hope you will be inspired to try them at home perhaps during half term?