the tune is  The Farmer's in his Den
The seed is in the ground
The seed is in the ground                 ( make a fist for the seed)

Ee-Oh watch it grow, the seed is in the ground

The seed grows a root ....                 ( little finger points down for a root)

The seed grows a shoot ....        ( thumb points up for shoot)

The seed grows a stalk ....        ( use other hand to be a stalk)

The stalk grows some leaves ....  ( wiggle fingers)
The plant grows a flower .. ( thumbs under chin fingers make petals face is a flower)
The flower grows some seeds...   (wiggle fingers of flower)

The seeds fall to the ground ...  ( wiggle fingers down to ground to show seeds falling ready to start again)


We are learning a few lines at a time .....we loved this plant life cycle song .hope you do too