Our last traditional tale book for the half term was the Little Red Hen.

The children have made ‘red hens’ from paper plates, exploring circles and semi circles and the concept of whole and half. We have heard lovely descriptive language as they talked about the different materials they were using for decoration.

We revisited wind power investigating windmills, using non fiction books and our computers at home as a source of information. We had to problem solve to make sure the vanes of our windmill would rotate once we’d fixed them. Split pins were very useful but sellotape and glue didn’t work.

We went shopping to the market and tried lots of different types of bread. We even made our own in the bread machine. This led to discussions on electricity, plugs and sockets and how the heat of the toaster changes bread into toast.

 Over the week we have been looking for ‘red hen helpers’, children who have been busy helping others have been rewarded with golden eggs laid by the little red hen.

At the end of the story the little red hen doesn’t share the bread. The Poppets children decided she should have shared the bread because that would have been fair.

We finished our topic creating our own Little Red Hen bakers shop. We explored number making number labels and using money.

 Some of our children have shown interest in telling the time. We are using our large Poppets clock to reinforce number work reading numbers to 12 and focusing on ‘O’clocks’ which are meaningful to the children. 10 O’clock we get ready for snack, 12 O’clock some Mummies come and 3 O’clock is home time and the end of the day.

 One of our children made the link to the story ‘Rosies walk’, another lovely story about a hen which you might like to share with your children at home.