Thank you for all your kind comments about our lovely updated room!
We have been making the most of having washable flooring with lots of messy activities to start off the summer term.
Poppets children have enjoyed role playing the story of the little red hen this week planting seeds in soil, using flour to mark make and the play-dough to knead and "cook"  bread.  Your children were able to tell us the names of lots of different bread types.The one we liked best was Tesco bread for the freezer. What a lovely shopping trip activity this would make spotting and naming bread! We will have some bread tasting next week...yummy

Over the weekend could you collect and save any egg boxes please for us to make caterpillars as we start our new story of The very hungry caterpillar.
This book will help us to look at life cycles, (we have baby caterpillars arriving soon), how things grow and change, the days of the week, healthy food choices as well as counting, reading and writing numbers and making patterns. 

if anyone has access to frog spawn we would love some for Poppets please.