Thank you to those of you who have sent in pictures, your children have proudly shown us their family and had great recall about the events taking place when the photo was taken....If you haven't had chance yet don't worry we are continuing next week.

Our new Poppets children are settling well, learning routines and gaining confidence each session! We understand it's not easy when they are unsettled coming in but we promise to give you an accurate account of their day and support strategies, once occupied they soon forget their tears and get busy playing.

We are thinking about our kind hands, listening ears and how our actions make others feel...the children suggested we can look at our friends face to see if they are happy or sad! 

Your children are becoming aware of pattern, these are part of our routines before we go to wash our hands  eg. clap our hands and pat our head     we hope you have heard the song??  children have been using multi link to create colour patterns and looking for shapes at Poppets as well as writing lists, garage reports, invitations to puppet shows, and making faces from play dough, pasta and paint..... busy busy busy!!

If you haven't borrowed your child's yellow book this half term please collect it from us. The children love to show you their pictures and "work" as we love to find out what happens at the weekend.

We will need wellies soon I think !!