We have had great fun this half term with our jungle topic. Thank you for your support, several of the children brought in creations they had made at home, books for us to share and lovely art work.

First we made jungle trees and a habitat for our animals, then we looked at the differences between lions, tigers and leopards exploring patterns with spots and stripes. We explained how a daddy lion had a mane and learnt that baby lions are called cubs and look a bit like giant sized cats, but we wouldn’t want one at home.

We hope you child has shared this rhyme with you

A leopard's got lots of spots
What a lot of spots he's got
A tiger's got stripes
Like long drain pipes
But a leopard's got lots of spots spots spots spots spots

Ask them if they can remember the actions!

Did you seen our giraffe? we decided it was a girl (who's name changed regularly) the children had great fun making her then seeing how tall they were in comparison.
We had a long stripy snake hanging around Poppets too and lots of monkeys!

Lots of our Jungle stories encouraged the children to think of feelings, kindness towards others and to celebrate difference. They particularly enjoyed The Selfish Crocodile, which links nicely to our brave brave mouse song, Elmer who was always happy and loved being different, and Monkey Puzzle recognising how important our Mummy is, from their comments I know lots of them have these stories at home, but if not, they are available at the library.

 We hope you all managed to make good use of the book week voucher, enjoyed shopping for red nose day cakes in our Jungle shop and liked the Mothering Sunday gifts from your child.

For the last week of the spring term we were looking at the changes the warmer Spring weather is bringing to our garden and making some Easter related crafts and cookery.