Well, who knew Joseph and Mary could get to Bethlehem on the 1a bus or a motorbike?
Your children were amazing at the Nativity. We hope you enjoyed their telling of the traditional Christian story and the lovely songs they have been learning.
To keep myself up to speed with current interests, I watched "Frozen" over the holidays. I suspect there will be lots of activities around that story as we head back for the new term. I am already thinking of weather watch and snowmen in sections /  and oval shapes! We have some magic snow to play with and glittery play dough lined up.... I am sure we will be hunting in the garden to look for snowmen arms!

We hope you all had a fun Christmas with your amazing children.  Thank you all for our lovely cards and gifts.

The Poppets team wish you a Healthy and Happy 2015.

Term commences Tuesday 6th Jan at the usual time. see you soon!