If you have a free afternoon you may like tp try one of these activities ready for our Jungle topic

  sort out the sock drawer then make a snake or other jungle animal from an odd sock
perhaps adding buttons for eyes or feathers from trips out to make a parrot

Why not make a jungle tree from a kitchen roll tube adding green paper leaves, perhaps make a whole jungle of them and use them to measure which is the tallest, shortest etc.

find the play animals to explore the jungle 

grow some cress seed for realistic vegetation

Make a bird feeder..
we melted lard in the microwave then added seed and peanuts
make a hole in the base of a yoghurt pot and thread a string through with a BIG knot
pour seed mix in and leave to set.
remove from pot and hang in your garden, or take a walk to the Poppets garden and hang it there
I am sure the birds will have eaten all of ours by now.

 Letters and sounds

pretend to be a lion/ monkey/ tiger etc and find objects starting with the same letter as your name


how many are there? are there more M sounds objects or L/T etc

record on a simple bar chart


collect pictures of jungle animals to make a sticker book

draw a self portrait and make a passport ready to fly off to the jungle

We would love you to share Jungle Topic ideas or recommend stories on a jungle them for us to share at Poppets.

Any spare socks and kitchen roll tubes would be most welcome too! 

Happy half term from the Poppets team