We have heard there may be Pirates nearby so, on WEDNESDAY 9th July at 10 a.m we will be dressed up as a Pirate or mermaid.... to blend in with our surroundings and meet at Steamer point. (There is a car park). All Poppets children, family and friends are welcome.

 We meet on the grass nearby, play some running around games then all go together to check out the beach for the possibility of treasure!

IF WET we will go the next day as beach in the rain is NO FUN for adults....... children don't seem to mind !!

This is a Parent / child trip please due to the high risk factor. There will be NO POPPETS SESSIONS THAT DAY

Please bring your bucket and spade   ( and one for your child??) a picnic lunch and lots of energy!!

If your child would like to dress up as a pirate or mermaid all week that's fine with us !!