We not ready to "Let our frozen topic "GO!"

The children are really enthused, we have transformed two of our rockers into a sleigh and Sven the reindeer so we can go on sleigh rides in Poppets.

Mandy sent a letter to Elsa who sent special magic ice and glitter to Poppets as a reward for the Poppets children who have all been sharing and using their kind hands.

We now have a whole set of numbered milk bottle Olaf snowmen to play skittles, have used rice as pretend snow to make snowy pictures, cut circles from old Xmas cards for snowmen and used lots of shiny blue paper and fabric to create a picture of Elsa.

We created blocks of ice for building covering blocks in white fabric or paper, and used the construction set to design a sleigh.

We have made ice and watched it melt....discovering it melts faster in hot water than cold..and using meting ice cubes as a pretend pencil to write and draw with..

We even used bread circles, carrots and sultanas to make a snowman for our snack.

We try hard to ensure all the Poppets children have access to all the activities by repeating them several times during the week, but if your child has missed any perhaps you would like to try some of our ideas at home?

Have fun!