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Posted by Lynn Newman on Wednesday, June 1, 2016, In : Topics 
Always a popular topic with the children we have had lots of fun growing Mr Grass heads, a magical tube beanstalk and real beans from the magic seeds.
Our stories over the last half term Jack and the beanstalk and the Hungry Caterpillar have given lots of opportunities for children to discuss making choices..was Jack making good choices when he took the Giant's possessions? Was the caterpillar making good choices when he only ate treats?

We are seeing our older children prepare themselves for s...
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Posted by Lynn Newman on Sunday, January 24, 2016, In : Topics 
Poppets children are really enjoying revisiting traditional rhymes, they have become very adept at guessing which music introduces which rhyme...great listening skills!

for the remainder of the half term we are off to Dinosaur land. We are still planning lots of opportunities for extending vocabulary, hearing initial sounds and exploring phonic blends in our language development. 
We are inviting the children to create their own version of prehistoric times, using a variety of materials to crea...
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Ranger Visit

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, November 28, 2015, In : Topics 
If you were not able to collect a copy of the "What to Expect When " booklet from  SURE START  last  Wednesday  and would like a copy please pop in to the Children's centre on the high street.

 We had great fun when the New Forset Ranger came to visit last week with lots of animal artefacts to show us including skulls and teeth; mouse and birds nests and some furs...the fox fur was really soft and fluffy!
Lots of  great questions from the children .......... we have asked for another visit perh...

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A trip into Space

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, November 21, 2015, In : Topics 
Your children were so enthusiastic about their rocket making for fireworks night that we couldn't resist extending this by taking a deviation from our planned light and dark activities to Zoom off into Space.

One of the stories we have been reading  is Aliens love underpants....Our children noticed that one little Alien gets left behind in the boy's pants drawer, this helped us discuss keeping safe near our adults, how the Alien might feel and devise ways of getting him back to his space ship!...
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Wow we have been so busy this term

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, June 27, 2015, In : Topics 
Sorry all  the poor blog page has been neglected this term! We hope you enjoy reading what your children are doing on their Tapestry accounts.

So what have we been up to??

It has been great to have the opportunity to catch up with all parents to share information and progress. Thank you for coming in. 

Last week was pets week A BIG THANK YOU to Mandy and Monty the puppy, Micky and her dog Agnes  and Lisa and Lottie the cat .

We set up a snail house following on from the children's love of mini be...
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Jungle Fun

Posted by Lynn Newman on Monday, March 30, 2015, In : Topics 

We have had great fun this half term with our jungle topic. Thank you for your support, several of the children brought in creations they had made at home, books for us to share and lovely art work.

First we made jungle trees and a habitat for our animals, then we looked at the differences between lions, tigers and leopards exploring patterns with spots and stripes. We explained how a daddy lion had a mane and learnt that baby lions are called cubs and look a bit like giant sized cats, but w...

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Half Term Fun

Posted by Lynn Newman on Tuesday, February 17, 2015, In : Topics 

If you have a free afternoon you may like tp try one of these activities ready for our Jungle topic

  sort out the sock drawer then make a snake or other jungle animal from an odd sock
perhaps adding buttons for eyes or feathers from trips out to make a parrot

Why not make a jungle tree from a kitchen roll tube adding green paper leaves, perhaps make a whole jungle of them and use them to measure which is the tallest, shortest etc.

find the play animals to explore the jungle 

grow some cress s...

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The Little Red Hen

Posted by Lynn Newman on Tuesday, February 17, 2015, In : Topics 

Our last traditional tale book for the half term was the Little Red Hen.

The children have made ‘red hens’ from paper plates, exploring circles and semi circles and the concept of whole and half. We have heard lovely descriptive language as they talked about the different materials they were using for decoration.

We revisited wind power investigating windmills, using non fiction books and our computers at home as a source of information. We had to problem solve to make sure the vanes of...

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The three little pigs

Posted by Lynn Newman on Wednesday, February 4, 2015, In : Topics 

WOW what fun we have had with this story!

Your children may have shared with you that we had an alternative ending to the story..?

In our version; the wolf landed in "freezy cold water" when he climbed down the chimney of the brick house. He said "sorry" to the little pigs and they were all friends because he promised never to huff and puff their houses again.

The story led to discussions on difference; valuing and respecting each other, showing kindness and forgiveness.

We have seen some great d...

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Posted by Lynn Newman on Thursday, January 15, 2015, In : Topics 
We not ready to "Let our frozen topic "GO!"

The children are really enthused, we have transformed two of our rockers into a sleigh and Sven the reindeer so we can go on sleigh rides in Poppets.

Mandy sent a letter to Elsa who sent special magic ice and glitter to Poppets as a reward for the Poppets children who have all been sharing and using their kind hands.

We now have a whole set of numbered milk bottle Olaf snowmen to play skittles, have used rice as pretend snow to make snowy pictures, cut...
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Our senses

Posted by Lynn Newman on Sunday, October 5, 2014, In : Topics 
The Poppets children have been exploring their senses and extending their descriptive language vocabulary.

We have discovered just how useful our eyes are for spotting changes outside, finding conkers or noticing how the leaves are  changing colour,

We can hear the builders big lorries and diggers and listen to each other tell news.

We have felt how paint is sticky cold and wet, but not as sticky as glue, sand is rough, cotton wool soft and "cosy" and bubble wrap is "poppy"

We have smelt differen...
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News and Views

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, September 20, 2014, In : Topics 
We are delighted that you are all enjoying Tapestry. We look forward to reading your comments on your child's progress and interests and to being able to share Wow moments and photos both from home and Poppets.

I am aware that some families have not yet accessed their account..if you are experiencing difficulties please contact
Jo our Tapestry miracle worker...


We have had a busy start to our new term getting to know our new children and updating ourselves o...
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Ha Ha... me hearties it's Pirate week!

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, July 5, 2014, In : Topics 

We have heard there may be Pirates nearby so, on WEDNESDAY 9th July at 10 a.m we will be dressed up as a Pirate or mermaid.... to blend in with our surroundings and meet at Steamer point. (There is a car park). All Poppets children, family and friends are welcome.

 We meet on the grass nearby, play some running around games then all go together to check out the beach for the possibility of treasure!

IF WET we will go the next day as beach in the rain is NO FUN for adults....... children don't s...
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Animal antics

Posted by Lynn Newman on Sunday, June 29, 2014, In : Topics 
We had great fun last week playing " hunt the kitten"   Chloe's mummy  brought in 5 adorable kittens who went exploring in Poppets.
Emma's dog came to visit too when we were playing in the garden. Thank you to both mummies for helping us with pet's week.
We made a very big cardboard dog which is as yet  unnamed.  Please ask your child to think of a good name for our Poppets pet and tell us next week!

Next week we will be talking about farm animals in readiness for our trip on Thursday to the act...
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Pets week

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, June 21, 2014, In : Topics 
We would love to see some pets at Poppets this week

Please see Lynn so we don't mix the cats and dogs !!
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Special visitors

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, June 21, 2014, In : Topics 
Last week we were very fortunate that Mike the Lollipop man and our community Police officers were able to come in to speak with the Poppets children about road safety.

We were reminded about crossing the road safely, wearing safety jackets and helmets on our bikes and seat belts in the car.

The children had lots of fun pretending to be road users and pedestrians as we took the cars and scooters out into the gardens. We even have our own set of electronic traffic lights complete with red and gr...
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look what we can do!

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, June 14, 2014, In : Topics 
After a very messy arts week and energetic sports week we are now ready to get out and about and explore our community  finding out about people who help us!

Please let us know if you are able to come in to speak to the children about your profession or interests.

We would love to have a "real " Dr, dentist, nurse or teacher in to talk to the children or perhaps you play an instrument or have other talents you could share?

Thank you 
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Flying high!

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, May 10, 2014, In : Topics 
A big thank you to Lisa, Mandy, Mary-Ann and Nanny Hazel for the lovely day at the Aviation museum.
The children have come back full of enthusiasm clearly having had a wonderful time exploring the planes and other exhibits!.

This week we took time to stop and watch the builders in Saxon square seeing how the diggers and scoops were able to lift heavy loads, we went to the library to collect information books on planes and helicopters and visited the travel agents in Christchurch.
Back at Poppets...
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Chinese New Year

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, February 1, 2014, In : Topics 
 We celebrate the year of the horse making horse crafts,  a dragon for a dragon dance, and lanterns and red money envelopes as we learn about  Chinese traditions.

We shall also be thinking about the celebrations that Poppets children enjoy such as birthdays!
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If you had 3 wishes..........

Posted by Lynn Newman on Sunday, January 26, 2014, In : Topics 
This week we are asking the children what they would wish for if they had 3 wishes?
Some of our Poppets children have seen Aladdin and all are keen to go travelling on our magic carpet to faraway lands!!

I wonder what we shall see? I suspect there will be lots of things beginning with the letter A.. our letter of the week!

Our number work  focuses on the number 3,  making sets of 3  with cars/ blocks etc then adding one more to cause change and relate to both our 3 and 4 year olds! We shall be r...
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Toffee the Cat

Posted by Lynn Newman on Sunday, January 12, 2014, In : Topics 
We hope your children have been telling you about Toffee the cat!
These lovely stories help us think about friendships, sharing and being kind to each other.
The children have been busy making cat masks and pictures to show you. Next week we shall be thinking about the letter C making cats from dough so we can measure their tails, and starting to make own own Toffee the cat adventure story book.
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We are going on a Bear hunt !

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, November 16, 2013, In : Topics 
This lovely story by Michael Rosen will be the basis of our topic work for the next two weeks. We start off preparing ourselves for the exciting journey,  designing a strong bag,  making our binoculars ( we need kitchen roll tubes please) packing our bags with supplies for the journey and singing our bear hunt song to keep our spirits up!

Please read the story to your children at home if you can, it really is a lovely book with lots of scope for children to use their imagination. We hope they ...
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Poppets activity pictures

Posted by Lynn Newman on Sunday, May 12, 2013, In : Topics 
Poppets children had great fun designing their fire engine with Mandy

Cucumber caterpillars
Why not have fun at home making a caterpillar x

We made our own bread to taste...yummy !

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Fire Station Fun

Posted by Lynn Newman on Sunday, May 12, 2013, In : Topics 
A BIG thank you to Lisa for arranging a great trip to the Fire Station last Wednesday good fun was had by all!  This week we have been making our own fire engines from big boxes. Lots of red paint and planning skills involved to create ladders, lights and hoses. We have enjoyed experimenting in our water play using plastic tubing and have  observed our caterpillars change into  chrysalis.

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Our week

Posted by Lynn Newman on Sunday, April 28, 2013, In : Topics 
What a busy week we have had..
On Monday morning Poppets children looked at the Hungry Caterpillar book, wrote shopping lists and went off to the market to buy all the fruit that the caterpillar ate over the week to have for our snacks. In the afternoon we made caterpillars from tissue circles.
On Tuesday we made bread as a reminder of the Little Red Hen Story. We discovered that yeast  and warmth makes the bread rise and although it takes a long time to cook it is worth waiting for. we made a ...
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The seed song

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, April 20, 2013, In : Topics 
the tune is  The Farmer's in his Den
The seed is in the ground
The seed is in the ground                 ( make a fist for the seed)

Ee-Oh watch it grow, the seed is in the ground

The seed grows a root ....                 ( little finger points down for a root)

The seed grows a shoot ....        ( thumb points up for shoot)

The seed grows a stalk ....        ( use other hand to be a stalk)

The stalk grows some leaves ....  ( wiggle fingers)
The plant grows a flower .. ( thumbs under chin fingers m...
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Our week at Poppets

Posted by Lynn Newman on Saturday, April 20, 2013, In : Topics 
Thank you for all your kind comments about our lovely updated room!
We have been making the most of having washable flooring with lots of messy activities to start off the summer term.
Poppets children have enjoyed role playing the story of the little red hen this week planting seeds in soil, using flour to mark make and the play-dough to knead and "cook"  bread.  Your children were able to tell us the names of lots of different bread types.The one we liked best was Tesco bread for the freezer...
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Spring and Growing

Posted by Lynn Newman on Sunday, April 14, 2013, In : Topics 
This  week we will be thinking about Spring and growing. We shall be looking at the changes that  we can see to the trees and flowers, checking on the potatoes we planted before the holiday and sowing seeds to bring home after finding out what they will need to grow!

We have lovely green and yellow play dough to make daffodils to measure and will be out and about in the gardens looking for the tallest daffodil.

Our story is  The Little Red Hen............ who is very busy planting a seed she fo...
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