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Half Term Fun

Posted by Lynn Newman on Tuesday, February 17, 2015, In : Topics 

If you have a free afternoon you may like tp try one of these activities ready for our Jungle topic

  sort out the sock drawer then make a snake or other jungle animal from an odd sock
perhaps adding buttons for eyes or feathers from trips out to make a parrot

Why not make a jungle tree from a kitchen roll tube adding green paper leaves, perhaps make a whole jungle of them and use them to measure which is the tallest, shortest etc.

find the play animals to explore the jungle 

grow some cress s...

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The Little Red Hen

Posted by Lynn Newman on Tuesday, February 17, 2015, In : Topics 

Our last traditional tale book for the half term was the Little Red Hen.

The children have made ‘red hens’ from paper plates, exploring circles and semi circles and the concept of whole and half. We have heard lovely descriptive language as they talked about the different materials they were using for decoration.

We revisited wind power investigating windmills, using non fiction books and our computers at home as a source of information. We had to problem solve to make sure the vanes of...

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The three little pigs

Posted by Lynn Newman on Wednesday, February 4, 2015, In : Topics 

WOW what fun we have had with this story!

Your children may have shared with you that we had an alternative ending to the story..?

In our version; the wolf landed in "freezy cold water" when he climbed down the chimney of the brick house. He said "sorry" to the little pigs and they were all friends because he promised never to huff and puff their houses again.

The story led to discussions on difference; valuing and respecting each other, showing kindness and forgiveness.

We have seen some great d...

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