Poppets Pre-School

Jungle Fun

March 30, 2015

We have had great fun this half term with our jungle topic. Thank you for your support, several of the children brought in creations they had made at home, books for us to share and lovely art work.

First we made jungle trees and a habitat for our animals, then we looked at the differences between lions, tigers and leopards exploring patterns with spots and stripes. We explained how a daddy lion had a mane and learnt that baby lions are called cubs and look a bit like giant sized cats, but we wouldn’t want one at home.

We hope you child has shared this rhyme with you

A leopard's got lots of spots
What a lot of spots he's got
A tiger's got stripes
Like long drain pipes
But a leopard's got lots of spots spots spots spots spots

Ask them if they can remember the actions!

Did you seen our giraffe? we decided it was a girl (who's name changed regularly) the children had great fun making her then seeing how tall they were in comparison.
We had a long stripy snake hanging around Poppets too and lots of monkeys!

Lots of our Jungle stories encouraged the children to think of feelings, kindness towards others and to celebrate difference. They particularly enjoyed The Selfish Crocodile, which links nicely to our brave brave mouse song, Elmer who was always happy and loved being different, and Monkey Puzzle recognising how important our Mummy is, from their comments I know lots of them have these stories at home, but if not, they are available at the library.

 We hope you all managed to make good use of the book week voucher, enjoyed shopping for red nose day cakes in our Jungle shop and liked the Mothering Sunday gifts from your child.

For the last week of the spring term we were looking at the changes the warmer Spring weather is bringing to our garden and making some Easter related crafts and cookery.

Half Term Fun

February 17, 2015

If you have a free afternoon you may like tp try one of these activities ready for our Jungle topic

  sort out the sock drawer then make a snake or other jungle animal from an odd sock
perhaps adding buttons for eyes or feathers from trips out to make a parrot

Why not make a jungle tree from a kitchen roll tube adding green paper leaves, perhaps make a whole jungle of them and use them to measure which is the tallest, shortest etc.

find the play animals to explore the jungle 

grow some cress s...

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The Little Red Hen

February 17, 2015

Our last traditional tale book for the half term was the Little Red Hen.

The children have made ‘red hens’ from paper plates, exploring circles and semi circles and the concept of whole and half. We have heard lovely descriptive language as they talked about the different materials they were using for decoration.

We revisited wind power investigating windmills, using non fiction books and our computers at home as a source of information. We had to problem solve to make sure the vanes of...

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The three little pigs

February 4, 2015

WOW what fun we have had with this story!

Your children may have shared with you that we had an alternative ending to the story..?

In our version; the wolf landed in "freezy cold water" when he climbed down the chimney of the brick house. He said "sorry" to the little pigs and they were all friends because he promised never to huff and puff their houses again.

The story led to discussions on difference; valuing and respecting each other, showing kindness and forgiveness.

We have seen some great d...

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January 15, 2015
We not ready to "Let our frozen topic "GO!"

The children are really enthused, we have transformed two of our rockers into a sleigh and Sven the reindeer so we can go on sleigh rides in Poppets.

Mandy sent a letter to Elsa who sent special magic ice and glitter to Poppets as a reward for the Poppets children who have all been sharing and using their kind hands.

We now have a whole set of numbered milk bottle Olaf snowmen to play skittles, have used rice as pretend snow to make snowy pictures, cut...
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Happy New Year to you all

December 29, 2014
Well, who knew Joseph and Mary could get to Bethlehem on the 1a bus or a motorbike?
Your children were amazing at the Nativity. We hope you enjoyed their telling of the traditional Christian story and the lovely songs they have been learning.
To keep myself up to speed with current interests, I watched "Frozen" over the holidays. I suspect there will be lots of activities around that story as we head back for the new term. I am already thinking of weather watch and snowmen in sections /  and ...
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Parents meetings

November 22, 2014
We are  extending our parent meeting appointments for a further week to give all parents the opportunity for a catch up with key workers if you wish to do so.

Meanwhile our Poppets children are busy learning  Christmas songs ready for the Nativity

Please see newsletter for details of last week of term fun!
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Half term

November 1, 2014
We hope you all had a great half term holiday out and about enjoying the sunshine!

Thank you for adding your pumpkin and scavenger hunt pictures to Tapestry..looks like the Gruffalo trail was great fun too!
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Our senses

October 5, 2014
The Poppets children have been exploring their senses and extending their descriptive language vocabulary.

We have discovered just how useful our eyes are for spotting changes outside, finding conkers or noticing how the leaves are  changing colour,

We can hear the builders big lorries and diggers and listen to each other tell news.

We have felt how paint is sticky cold and wet, but not as sticky as glue, sand is rough, cotton wool soft and "cosy" and bubble wrap is "poppy"

We have smelt differen...
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News and Views

September 20, 2014
We are delighted that you are all enjoying Tapestry. We look forward to reading your comments on your child's progress and interests and to being able to share Wow moments and photos both from home and Poppets.

I am aware that some families have not yet accessed their account..if you are experiencing difficulties please contact
Jo our Tapestry miracle worker...


We have had a busy start to our new term getting to know our new children and updating ourselves o...
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